When people think of America, California is probably the first state that comes to mind. With its large, sandy beaches and famous tourist attractions like Disneyland and Hollywood, this state is a symbol of Americana. California is also the most densely populated state, and their college education system educates hundreds of thousands of students all over the state each year. Even more than the tourist attractions and natural parks, California has some of the most well-renowned universities in the world. Between the dozens of private schools and specialty schools, California is also home to the California State University and University of California systems.

California State University – Long Beach

California State University has a campus in Long Beach; commonly abbreviated CSU-LB. This campus is close to Los Angeles – only two hours away by car. This is one of the larger schools in the California State University system, offering hundreds of different majors, 18 sports teams and over 200 campus organizations. This school is often named to the top 20 universities in the nation for diversity, and is rated one of the top five best public universities in the entire West Coast. Find out more about this campus and the programs available by visiting

California State University – Sacramento

Situated in the state capital, California State University Sacramento, or Sac State, is well-known for its active student population and academic programs. They have 41 master’s degrees and 58 undergraduate degrees. This campus is considered one of the greenest campuses in all of California due to all of the rivers and trees that make up Sacramento. Sac State has some of the lowest tuition rates in the nation, and particularly in California. This school is a great way to get the experience of California’s public education system without breaking the bank. Visit for more information.


The University of California at Berkeley

UC Berkeley is well known the world around for the amount of Nobel Laureates (8), MacArthur Fellows (32), and Pulitzer Prize winners (4), in their current faculty. And that is just this year! With over 350 degree programs, there is something for everyone at this school. Located in the eastern portion of the San Francisco Bay, more commonly referred to as simply the Bay Area, this school boasts a great climate to go along with the great education. That is, if you can stand a little fog. More students receive doctoral degrees from UC Berkeley each year than from any other U.S. school. This school is also known for its volunteerism and community spirit. 3,000 UC Berkeley graduates have gone on to work for the Peace Corps. They also boast several past Olympic champions, and their graduates have brought home 91 U.S. Olympic gold medals. To learn more about this unique university, visit

The University of California – Los Angeles

UCLA is a world-renowned university and there are many reasons why. This school has over 40,000 students, so it is really more like a town than a school, and that is part of it’s charm. This school is a home-away-from-home for many people from all over the world. They also have an outstanding faculty but they are probably better known for their sports teams. This school is in the Pacific-12 conference and they have won over 100 NCAA championships, accomplishing this feat before any other university. Old players from this school still have alumni pride and you will see many who have gone on to other successes still show up to the home games. Go to for more information.

San Jose State University

San Jose State is located a short drive south of San Francisco in the city of San Jose. SJSU is a top-rated master’s level university, and they have 134 different bachelor and master’s degrees to choose from. This school is a part of the California State University system, and they have a huge and well-respected nuclear science program. They have their share of former Olympians, and 11 champions have come out of this school. Want to research Beethoven? You can enjoy the nation’s only research facility devoted to this composer at San Jose State. Visit to find out more.

Stanford University

You simply cannot discuss universities in California without mentioning Stanford. The only school on the West Coast considered by the ‘old school’ Ivy League to be worthy of a current Ivy League designation, this school has no shortage of geniuses and innovators. Everyday things that we take for granted were invented by members of this school, i.e. Google. The admittance rate is admittedly low, at only 7.1%, but if you are up for the challenge, this school has amazing programs in Business, Education, Earth Sciences, Medicine, Engineering, Humanities and Sciences. Annual tuition is upwards of $40,000 but many scholarships, fellowships and teaching opportunities are available to offset this cost. If you feel the education is worth the money, visit their website at to get more information.




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